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Master of Sustainable Outdoor Hospitality Management

About The Study

Europe’s first Master degree on Sustainable Outdoor Hospitality Management


Europe’s first Master degree on hospitality and camping resort management. A multiple degree professional master’s programme in which you combine theory and practice, offered at the Universities in the Netherlands, Croatia and Spain.

The demand for outdoor hospitality accommodations is growing fast in Europe and requires highly qualified professionals who can manage the business well in cooperation with local authorities. That is why BUas, the University of Girona in Spain and the University of Rijeka in Croatia – have developed this new multiple degree master’s programme with a focus on strategic management of large scale camping resorts.

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Why choose this master's programme?

Study overview

Study at three locations in Europe 

In the first year of this English-taught Master Sustainable Outdoor Hospitality Management you will attend lectures at Breda University of Applied Sciences (in close cooperation with the Master of Tourism Destination Management) 

Also in 2nd semester you will study at University of Rijeka, Faculty of Tourism and Hosipitality Management in Opatija in Croatia. Furthermore, you will work on camping resorts in Croatia on sustainable business challenges in the fields of park design, stakeholder engagement, human resource management, concept design or strategic management. 

In the second year you will move to the University of Girona (Spain) and deepen your academic and business management skills. The last 4th semester you will combine working as a trainee with a field research project and a thesis in a key outdoor hospitality region in Europe of your choice. 

First-year courses in Breda and Rijeka

A few examples: 

  • Destination Stakeholders and Management 
  • Contemporary Marketing, Context and Trends 
  • Operational Management in Camping Resorts
  • Experience Design in Camping Resorts
Second-year courses in Girona and a destination of your own choice in Europe

A few examples: 

  • Sustainable Development of Tourism
  • Revenue and Yield Management 
  • Strategic Management of Camping Resorts
  • Quantitative and Qualitative research Methods

The Master Sustainable Outdoor Hospitality Management is a two-year, full-time programme. The total study load is 120 ECTS credits. To give you an idea: 1 ECTS credit = approximately 28 – 30 hours of study.

We offer you a small-scale study environment. The number of students involved in this master’s programme is about 20 persons (65% international).

“Live the life on campsites and discover its reality”
‘Campsites are like small villages and at the same time the camping sector is a complicated phenomenon. When you’re in the lead at a camp resort, you must be well-prepared, and you must be able to work with a diversified team. You absolutely must be versatile. In this master’s degree, attending classes in university is important, but work placements at campsites equally are. So, theoretical knowledge is combined with practical knowledge. In this way a very transversal master's degree is offered, which provide students with the opportunity of going through many departments of campsites. In other words, it is very relevant to live the life on campsites and discover its reality.’
Miquel Gotanegra Portell
President of Catalan Campsites Federation, President of the Girona Campsites Association and CEO of Terraza Grup


Students are eligible if they hold a bachelor’s degree (BA, BSc., BBA, B Com), for example in the fields of tourism, travel, hotel management, international business, management, economics, law, e-commerce, urban development, geography, social sciences or finance. Please check out the additional admission requirements.

You decided to apply for the Master Sustainable Outdoor Hospitality Management programme. Please ensure that you submit your application before the deadline:

  • For EU/EEA students: 15 August*
  • For non-EU students: 1 June*

*Please note, we recommend that you apply in time. What’s more, for EU/EEA students we suggest that they apply before 1 June, but preferably even sooner.

Application steps

You are to apply through Studielink, the application and enrolment portal provided by the Netherlands Ministry of Education.

With this registration you will be admitted to the full two-year programme, but during these two years you will have to complete additional registration details for each institution.

You can track the status of your application on your personal Studielink page and in the progress overview in My Online Application

With this enrolment application you can be admitted for the full two-year programme, but during these two years you will have to fill in additional registration details for each institution.

Once you have submitted your Studielink enrolment application, you will receive an email inviting you to follow up on your Studielink enrolment application by applying in My Online Application. 

In My Online Application you will be requested to answer additional questions (e.g. about your English proficiency) and to upload your application documents: CV, motivation letter, ID, your bachelor’s documents including transcript of records (or a transcript of records with you latest results / overview if you have yet to obtain your bachelor’s degree). You will also be requested to give the contact details of at least two references (one academic and one business reference). More information regarding these references will be provided to you in due time in My online application.

If your profile is considered to be suitable for the master’s programme, you will receive an invitation for an intake interview. In this invitation the intake interview dates and procedure will be explained clearly. In due course you will also be informed about whether or not you have been (conditionally) admitted to the programme.  

In order to complete your enrolment, you need to confirm your digital authorisation or pay the BUas part of your tuition fee. Tuition fees at the partner Universities, have to be paid before the start of the semester in Croatia and SpainMore information about payment of tuition fee.

We will keep in tocuh

During the entire application, selection and enrolment procedure, we will keep in touch with you via email. Please make sure you read and respond to the instructions in time. You can track the status of your admission in My Online Application.

  • The total amount for this 2 year multiple degree program will be approximately €9,900 for EU-students. In the academic year 2023-2024 the statutory tuition fee for the BUas’ part of the master’s programmes is is yet to be determined by the ministry. This is expected to happen in November. The statutory tuition fee for the academic year of 2022-2023 was €2,209.. This covers the registration for 2 years.

  • The remaining ± €7,700 tuition fees for Croatia and Girona, will be determined and charged during the academic year. 

  • In addition to the tuition fee, you will need to take into account additional costs for the purchase of study materials such as textbooks.

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Your Career

Graduates of the Master Sustainable Outdoor Hospitality Management entitled to three degrees: 

  • Master of Arts (BUas)
  • Master of Science (UdG)
  • Professional Specialist (UNIRI)
  • Marketing Manager at Landal GreenParks,
  • Human Resource Manager at Valamar Riviera,
  • Concept designer at OYO Vacation Homes,
  • Resort Landscape Designer at Pierres et Vacances,
  • Parkmanagers of an international Holiday park.

About the Breda University of Applied Sciences

BUas is an institute in higher education with a strong on sustainable tourism, leisure and hospitality. It is partner of the Center of Expertise in Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality ( and of the International Tourism Masters Network ( The Institute was founded as a tourism research institute in 1966 and currently conducts research in social impacts of tourism, sustainable transport and tourism and digitisation in tourism.

About the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management

The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management is Croatia’s only university institution which conducts study programs in the field of tourism, hospitality and sustaniable development on 2 undergraduate, 4 graduate and 4 doctoral level, as well as through a series of lifelong learning programs. The Faculty has established creative partnerships with private sector and civil society in order to respond to economic and social challenges with science-based solutions. As a part of th study programs, the Faculty offers courses in foreign languages, especially in English, and works continually on the strengthening of the international cooperation and on increasing student and teaching staff mobility.

About the University of Girona

The University of Girona is a public university with headquarters in the city of Girona, Spain. It was recognized as a university in 1991, as a result of the merger of several university studies centers in Girona attached to other universities. The university has three campuses and a Science and Technology Park. In the three campuses there are 8 faculty buildings (Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Psychology and Education, Faculty of Tourism, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Polytechnics School).