Start of the Project: 1. 10. 2021.
End of the Project: 30. 9. 2022.


December 10th, 2nd Multiplier Event in Terme Tuhelj, Croatia

The second multiplier event organized by UNIRI FTHM Opatija was held on Friday, December 10, 2021. within the 15th Congress of the Croatian Camping Association in Terme Tuhelj. The presentation of the CAMPMASTER project, as well as the future graduate study programme was held by the project manager Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić, Ph.D., Associate Professor. The presentation was attended by professionals from the camping sector, students, mainly from the University of Zagreb, private faculties and policy makers, i.e. representatives of the Croatian Tourist Board, a representative of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and others.

As the Congress lasted from 8 to 10 December, the project staff was present on all three days. In addition to the presentation, there was a stand with promotional materials (flyers for the project and flyers for the new master’s programme) where information about the project and future master’s programme was provided. Throughout the congress, the project that will result in the future programme was discussed with all stakeholders in the camping industry, and great interest in the study was expressed, as well as support for the CAMPMASTER project.

The congress was attended by around 150 participants from the camping industry: entrepreneurs, campsite owners, camping equipment manufacturers and providers of new digital technologies. The media closely followed the activities of the congress, students were introduced to the future master’s programme and opportunities for further career development that it brings, while policy makers shared new strategies and opportunities for the development of the camping sector in Croatia. All these stakeholders agreed on the potential of the project, the future study programme and their importance for the camping industry.


September 30th, 1st Multiplier Event in Girona, Spain

The Multiplier Event organization was delayed due to movement restrictions and the resulting limited number of potential participants during the pandemic. Therefore, the partners agreed that instead of simultaneous organization in the three countries in March, multiplier events should be organized according to the epidemiological measures of each country as part of the camping event. The first such was organized in Girona as part of the Girocamping PRO Congress.

The Multiplier Event held in Girona was divided into two parts, a presentation with an interactive activity and an exhibition table during the workshop to personally explain the project to all interested parties.

At the exhibition desk, the Faculty enabled the student to provide information about the project to all visitors (400 tourism decision makers, local politicians, experts, students and camp owners) during the day, and a tablet with a subscription form to the CAMPMASTER Mailing List was provided. During the afternoon presentation, the origin of the project, the realized steps and the implementation of current activities were explained. With an online application called Mentimeter -wordcloud, participants were asked two questions; “What abilities and knowledge should our further students gain?” and “What contents would camper professionals want to find on the Learning Platform?”. In the evening, a gala dinner was organized with the participation of stakeholders from the camping industry, policy makers and teaching staff where the needs and information in the camping industry were additionally exchanged.


September 21st – 24th, Learning Week in Breda, The Netherlands

During the Learning Week in Breda, 12 teaching staff participated intensively for four days in the workshops of Design Thinking, the workshop “New innovative methods of teaching students” and new concepts in the application of writing final and graduate theses. Also, they participated in the professional training “Tourism Impact Lab Master Class, which addressed the topic of creating and placing new business solutions for existing companies on the market and creating Start-Up companies.

All these activities were done with the aim of creating the first European curriculum in the field of sustainable management of camping resorts in Europe – Camping and Outdoor Hospitality Management. Learning Week was organized as a sub-activity of the second intellectual output of the IO2 Curriculum Handbook, i.e. the development of a manual for the future curriculum.


January, 2021.

Concerning results of Output 1 led by UdGirona, during December 2020 and January 2021, all partners of the project conduct Questionnaire with industry professionals, policy makers and students in order to define gaps & needs for future CAMPMASTER curriculum. According to the project, there is planned:

Survey of skills gaps: 60 Students, 10 Teaching Staff, 100 Camping industry professionals (CIP), 10 Policy makers 

Links for Questionnaire for Students are: 

Links for Questionnaire for industry professionals are:


December 7th 2020. Online Partners Meeting

Online Meeting on Microsoft teams platform of partners representatives with UdG and ARIADNA GASSIOT MELIAN cnsidering Questionaire structure. Timeline and Interviews. All partners agreed about final text of Questionaires and Interviews as well about the timeline and strategy of questionaires distribution.


December 1st - 2nd, 14th congress of croatian camping - online

The most important annual gathering of the Croatian camping sector, related institutions, partners and all camping fans and friends, was held ONLINE on December 1st and 2nd 2020. Congres of Croatian Camping, through its lectures and panel disscusions every year confirm once more its reputation as the central event for the exchange of knowledge and experiences of the Croatian camping sector. As the first panelist on second day of the Congress, Josipa Cvelić – Bonifačić held a presentation of the project CAMPMASTER: “Education of the future leaders in the segment of sustainable managment of a camping resort.” This was start of strong dissemination of the project


30. 10. 2020. Kick off meeting, Opatija

The first meeting of the CAMPMASTER project was held on October 31, 2020 in an online environment. The main goal of the CAMPMASTER project, funded through the ERASMUS + call Strategic Partnerships – K203, is to develop the first European curriculum in the field of sustainable management of a camping resort. The leading partner of the project is the University of Rijeka, the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality, and the partners are the Universities of Breda and Girona, as well as the camping associations of Croatia, Spain and Germany.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality doc. dr. sc. Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić, project consortium leader, dean of the Faculty prof. dr. sc. Sandra Janković, Associate Professor dr. sc. Ana-Marija Vrtodušić Hrgović, doc. dr. sc. Marina Laškarin Ažić and assistant Tatjana Špoljarić.

In addition to financial and management topics, the meeting discussed the work plan of each individual intellectual result of the project and a detailed plan for researching the needs and competencies that managers in the camping industry are asking their future employees. Based on the results of the questionnaire start  will elaborate the first European curriculum in the field of camping resort management.The task of the project team of the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality is apart from coordination an international project consortium of university partners and representatives of employers in camping industry, design, design and implement an open online learning platform in the camping industry.The platform will be available to everyone as an open educational resource.


August 28th 2020. – Erasmus+ grant for the project

We did it! We are among 4 project in Croatia that won complete grant for their project.

Rector of Universiy of Rijeka    prof. dr. sc. Snježana Prijić-Samaržija,  signed the Agreement with Croatian Agency for mobility and EU Programmes  about  nonrefundable Erasmus + grant for the project  number 2020-1-HR01-KA203-077806 DEVELOPMENT OF EUROPEAN CURRICULUM IN THE FIELD OF SUSTAINABLE CAMPING RESORT MANAGEMENT in the amount of 165.892,00 eur.


April 29th – Application for the project done

It was not easy – it was veeery difficult. Consultation with the agency, Corona lock down, nights in writing the 173 pages project. Discussing about the details, reading thousand of pages “Do’s and don’t”… We are not professional project writers. We just have passion and good will. Sandra and Josipa are writing and writing… and on April 29th with Damir Magaš big help,  the project is uploaded and the confirmation of Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes about successful application arrived.


February 22nd, Opatija; Preparation for Erasmus+ Project

Inspite first signs and fears of Corona, in Opatija in February  was organised third Meeting between partners with main topic about preparation of Application to Erasmus plus granted projects. Partners agreed to prepare Application of the project “Development of european curriculum of sustainable camping management” for which the deadline was 30.04.2020.

Representatives onsite: Jos van Sterren, Sandra Janković, Damir Magaš, Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić and Lluis Coromina was online.


December 7th , Amsterdam, Grand Centraal, New study development

Second Meeting of University representatives was organised in Amsterdam. Main topics of the Meeting was Curriculum ideas and development. On the Meeting were representatives:

From Breda: Jos van Sterren

From Girona: Lluis Coromina

From Opatija: Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić


September 26th, Girona, Signage of the Letter of intent for future Campmaster project

After intensive idea development between Opatija and Girona including Wards connection of Girona University to Opatija, the search for Dutch partner began.  Big help in this project gave Mr. Arthur Disseldorp of the Dutch Campsite association RECRON that in that year became HISWA-RECRON. He interview different Universities and finally we get positive answer from Breda! Yes, they are interested!

Congress of Camping Association of Girona – Costa Brava was  held on 25th of September. As a guest speaker Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić hold a presentation about Croatian camping. Day after Congress at beautifull Unviersity of Girona was a signage of Letter of intent for creating first European Master in camping management between 3 University. To the signage were present following participants:

From university of Girona: Dean Joachim Mayo and Lluis Coromina

From Breda University: Jos van Sterren

From Faculty of tourism and hospitality management Opatija: Sandra Janković and Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić


October 12th - 14th 2018. , Congress of Croatian Camping Union in Tuhelj, Croatia

The dreams are coming through:

After first day of Croatian Camping Congress and rich panel discussion led by Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić and in which ,as a guest,  participated Ward Wijngard from Girona, Spain, in a pleasand conversation   they both discovered that they know each other from some fair in Essen many years ago, that they are both teaching camping management and both have positive ideas about camping education. Josipa shared her dream about missing master education in camping management in Europe and that was accepted by Ward with  engagement and acceptance. They both concluded that it would be great to unify 3 Universities in this project and that third University should be from Netherland…so, the fundaments of international cooperation for future Master has been established.


September 29th, Final Conference In Figueres, Spain

To conclude the project, a final conference was held in Figueres (Spain) as part of the Girocamping Pro congress, the largest camping congress in Spain. The final conference was attended by about 300 camping professionals, more than 20 companies, 30 students with teaching staff and other representatives of public authorities.                               

The beginning of the idea and the necessity of the study was presented by the project manager, Assoc. Ph.D. Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić (UNIRI FTHM). The project and the project activities were presented by the project manager, Assoc. Ph.D. Lluís Coromina (UdG), while the first European study in the field of camps was comprehensively presented by Assoc. Prof. Jos van der Sterren (BUas).

The presentation of the project and the new study aroused many interests. Already after the conference ended, several students and several camp owners expressed interest in participating in the study. In addition, two large camps offered to collaborate, offering a 4th internship.


June 14th & 15th, 2nd Transnational Meeting In Opatija, Croatia

On June 14 and 15, 2022, after almost 21 months of the project, the second transnational meeting of the project CAMPMASTER took place in Opatija. The meeting was attended by representatives of all six partner organizations.

The main objective of the meeting was to complete the activities of the third and fourth intellectual outputs, i.e., the completion of six lessons as learning resources available on the online learning platform and the completion of 12 case studies in the field of camps. In addition to the intellectual outputs, further guidelines were established for the launch of a new joint degree program “Master of Sustainable Outdoor Hospitality Management”.

This was also the first F2F meeting during the implementation of the project, where all team members met and new ideas were developed.

After agreeing on the final activities and guidelines of the future study, the partners visited the camps on the island of Krk, where they could see firsthand how the top camps work and how they might collaborate on the future study.