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7400 students, 18% international students, 17% internantional staff
Specialized in Tourism Destination Managment, innovative learning methods



Research and Knowledge in Sustainable Tourism

BUas is an institute in higher education with a strong on sustainable tourism, leisure and hospitality. It is partner of the Center of Expertise in Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality ( and of the International Tourism Masters Network ( The Institute was founded as a tourism research institute in 1966 and currently conducts research in social impacts of tourism, sustainable transport and tourism and digitisation in tourism.


Academy for Tourism

The Academy for Tourism at BUas offers undergraduate (BA, Bsc. BA) and postgraduate (MA) courses in tourism management and Tourism Destination Management. The Academy takes a holistic approach to the concept of tourism and destinations, based on a multi-stakeholder concept. In that vision, tourism is not only an industry but also a phenomenon that has impact on society. Understanding the complexities of this impact as well as defining pathways for future development of tourism is core to the work of the Academy.

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Innovative Learning

Academy for Tourism is developing in all its courses a new approach to innovative learning, which is the concept of learning communities. BUAS Academy for Tourism has implemented this in the last year of its tourism management bachelor course and is called a 15 weeks tourism impact lab. Here 80 students work with 20 companies on the development and testing of sustainable tourism business concepts (concepts with impact). Companies pitch their ideas, students choose the company and they co-create the solutions, a teacher is merely a facilitator, not the classical “teacher”. We work with principles of ‘design thinking ‘and in facilitating we use approaches that have proven result such as the KAOS pilots.



Jos van der Sterren, MSc, BUas, the Netherlands

International Economist. Director of Academy at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Providing leadership in organisational change process, in pursuit of financial soundness, business innovation and academic excellence. Final responsibility for 140 faculty staff. Jos holds an MSc in economics and has specialized in tourism and sustainable development. His focus is on SME development and especially financial inclusion of SMEs in tourism. He has conducted a study to campsite development in China and has been active in supporting the Dutch association of recreational businesses RECRON. Before joing Breda University Jos was a fundmanager of a wholesale finance facility to MSMEs. His expertise areas are financial structuring, funddesign and portfoliomanagement, sustainable business development, SMEs..

Corne Kops, Msc. MBA:

An experienced lecturer and manager in tourism and recreation. Holds an Msc. in landscape design and operational management of Wageningen University as well as a Master of Management in Public and no-profit organization of Dutch TIAS/University of Tilburg. At Breda University Corne Kops has served as a lecturer in productivity of recreational hospitality, change management and business innovation. He was a manager of the Academy for 12 years, responsible for budgets and curriculum innovation. Currently he is responsible for the specialization track on recreation and hospitality, that focuses on business innovation in open air recreation and small scale hospitality businesses.

Herman Jan Meijers, Msc. MBA:

Holds over 30 years experience in project management and project direction. Over 10 years of which in the Tourism & Hospitality sector. Ample experience with development projects funded through multi-lateral agencies (EuropeAid, World Bank, AsDB, AfDM, UNDP, UNOPS, UNWTO, former DGIS, PSO(M). Experience in the tourism and recreation sector varies from Tourism Development Planning to Tourism Education and Training. Largest Tourism Education Project managed was the South Asian Integrated tourism Human Resources Development Program, which set out to develop 9 skill (training) packs for both trainers and students as well as assessment and accreditation criteria for diploma recognition in seven (7) countries in South Asia (1995 – 2000). Similar projects have been carried out in Russia with the universities of Moscow, St- Petersburg and Sochi, and on a smaller scale in Kenya, Zambia and Namibia. At Breda University, Herman Jan is the cours Director of Master in Tourism Destination Management and thus responsible for connecting this programme to the new MBA, contentwise.