Internal Deliverable

In addition, the following internal documents will be produced to facilitate the project implementation ( ID = Internal Deliverable ) :

CAMPMASTER implementation manual. This will describe the methodological framework for the focus group session, internal communication, reporting and managing all  activities leading to the production of the intellectual outputs. It will also contain a devoted chapter where monitoring and evaluation activities will be set out in detail.

Evaluation and Quality Plan. This will be a working document which will include the agreed quality system (quality criteria, methods, techniques, tools), and will describe  implementation (processes and procedures, timetable) of activities aimed at ensuring quality control of outputs and quality assurance of processes.

Dissemination and exploitation plan. The dissemination plan will be the reference document for the dissemination activities at all levels.

After The Project

After the completion of this strategic partnership project, the expectation is to complete the accreditation process and start the enrolment of students into the new Master programme. Sustainable camping resort management in September 2022. The joint Master programme will be performed across three universities (Girona, Breda and UNIRI FTHM) with the mentoring internship programme taking place in the best European camping resorts. Undergraduate students from all over Europe and wider wily get the opportunity to study the new  joint master programme Sustainable camping resort management in English language.