Croatian Camping Association



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The Croatian Camping Association is a national private non-
profit association with a membership that represent more
than 90% of the Croatian receptive capacity in the camping
sector. Its main aim is the promotion of Croatian campsites
and the representation of their interests, as well as the
increase of the overall quality of camping services, with
special emphasis on their education, environmental impact
and sustainable development.

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Among other regular activities, the Croatian Camping Association organizes
educational and specialized workshops, benchmark study trips, the Croatian
annual camping congress. Furthermore, it initializes and creates quality-
certification projects, collects and prepares information for the printing of
several camping materials, publishes educational materials and books
concerning the camping sector in general, organizes regular guest lectures at
Croatian educational institutions, runs the national camping portal, assists tourists visiting Croatian campsites, etc.

CCA has 4 full-time employees, and is member of the international
organization EFCO&HPA, as well as a member of several professional
councils at the Ministry of Tourism, the Tourism Business council of the
Croatian chamber of Economy, the Sector’s Council for tourism and hospitality
at the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, the
Croatian Employers’ Association, the Croatian Tourism Association and
others, in order to provide the best support to its members, but also to the
Croatian camping sector in general.

Expertise in EU / international projects:


Previous experiences and competence are based on the particapation in severel projects and activities:

– collaboration with Village 4 all (V4A) and certification of accessibility in the Croatian camping sector (project supported by the Ministry of tourism, Croatia)

– publishing of the manuals „Camping and sustainable development” and “The Principles of Camping Tourism”

– translation and publishing of the book „The Campsite of the Future”

– organization of educational workshops and lectures with a special focus on accessibility and sustainable development

– organization of a series of lectures at economy and tourism universities, colleges and polytechnics

– organization of the yearly Croatian Camping Congress

– organization of the annual study trip to benchmark-campsites in Europe

– annual selection of the Croatian Best Campsites, in cooperation with the Croatian Automobile Club (HAK), Publishing and distribution of the Best Campsite Brochure

– annual selection of the best small campsites



Adriano Palman, MBI is member of Stearing Committee

Director of the Croatian Camping Association since 2007. His long business career in the tourism sector, including a consulting experience in one of the leading consulting firms in the field of tourism, led him to the position of the key person for several projects and programs performed by the CCA, as well as for projects carried out with other national and international organizations. He is focused on tourism legislation and policies, lobbying, quality management, cooperation with strategic partners, innovation-oriented projects and marketing activities, including the management of the national camping webpage. During his leadership, the Croatian Camping Association has become one of Croatia’s most influent tourism associations, which activities helped to assess Croatia as one of the most successful camping destinations on the Mediterranean. Simultaneously, thanks to the efforts of the CCA, the Croatian camping sector gained importance on the national level.