IO 4: Digitalisation as a commercial strategy – Case Ballena Alegre Bungalow Resort & Spa


Selling Opportunities

Camping Ballena Alegre Bungalow Resort & Spa Is located at the Costa Brava, in front of the beach. In a summer destination campsite, there are swimming pools and beaches with a huge amount of selling opportunities as beach bars, ice creams, water activities, merchandising, etc. But if all your customers wear swimming clothes and come out of the water, most often these don’t carry no money nor credit card to consume. Often a sell opportunity is lost due to the impossibility to pay in that certain instant. When the customer arrives at his accommodation, he already lost his initiative to consume that product he wanted on that moment.


The challenge is to reinvent to payment method

The challenge is to reinvent to payment method so customers can consume whenever they feel, even if they don’t have their wallets of purses with them. With this strategy the company aims to increase their income, as they consider they lose plenty of selling opportunities at these strategic points. Digital wallets aren’t a new invention, but they require a device (smartphone). Smart bracelets with chips are also already invented, but a lot of costumers don’t approve them due to the suntanned proof they leave you on your wrist. The challenge is to make the buy process more attractive for customers in semi-naked situations in front of a wide  range of consumption options (ice-creams and drinks at the beach bar, lunches or other meals at the swimming pool, bread in the summer market after the early morning swim in sea, etc.)


Fingerprint payment

The technologic solution is fingerprint identification, as they are non-transferable. Implanting a fingerprint payment system gives the costumers the opportunity to pay at any time without need to have anything on you. This solution allows customers to recharge they fingers when they have money or credit cards on them and pay by fingerprint of they don’t. The great catch of this strategy is that a family can recharge automatically/daily an amount to their children, so these can spend their budget as they desire and don’t bother their parents. And there is no child on holiday that doesn’t spend his daily budget on ice-creams and candy.

Easy Touch is a software that links- budgets with fingerprint indentation and hosts this data on a encrypted server and erases all information as soon as the customer makes his check-out.


20% revenue increase

The first year the company offered a 5% discount to all customers who used this technology, as fingerprint scanning is still a delicate issue regarding data protection. On the first pilot year a 20% of the customers used this technology and the company increased a 5% their service revenue! Which means they can achieve a 20% revenue increase in additional services and achieving a higher satisfaction rate only by chancing their payment method. 


Technological investments

The sector can discover that technological investments can have direct revenue results, as changing a payment method. This technology also gives the opportunity to handle the big data which can be created.