Luxury Leading Pitches as brand and /or diversification strategy – The LeadingCampings of Europe in example of Caravanpark Sexten & Barco Reale


More then a tent

Today, camping is often more than just a tent or caravan on a pitch. In recent years, camping has developed into a lifestyle feeling that fulfils all the needs of holidaymakers: from simple overnight stays in the open air without any comfort to luxury camping, which has become its own market niche under the term glamping. The broad range of different camping comforts appeals to all types of people. Guests who until now preferred to spend their holidays in a luxury hotel or in an exclusive chalet now find a new alternative with exclusive 5-star luxury offers on campsites. Luxury camping is booming – the European top campsites of LeadingCampings are also pleased about this demand trend and have reacted to it with new exclusive offers – the Leading Pitches – in order to once again set standards in the upper segment of glamping. Exclusive luxury pitches are a further corporate identity feature of LeadingCampings.



Different from the others – more individual, more innovative and more intiative, that’s how LeadingCampings, the association of owner-managed luxury campsites in Europe, considers itself. A key feature of the brand essence is individuality – each campsite has its own charm, its own USP. All criteria of the extensive list of requirements must nevertheless be fulfilled in order to be accepted into the circle of LeadingCampings. How do the campsites of the association, despite great individuality and exclusivity, despite different regional conditions and country-specific requirements, still manage to find a common “denominator” that is recognisable to guests and competitors, that is a common “premium plus offer”?


Luxury Camping

The association found the answer with the idea of “LeadingPitch”: an offer or a type of pitch that is absolutely “outstanding”, exemplary and outstanding in the field of luxury camping, a flagship and new USP for each individual campsite. This is described here by way of example using 2 campsites. One of them is Leading 600 – a pitch at the Caravan Park Sexten in the South Tyrolean Dolomites. No other Leading Pitch surpasses it in size and service to date. The pitch measures a proud 600 square metres, is physically separated and not visible from the outside, has its own private pool, a sauna, a terrace with sun loungers, a barbecue area with its own herb garden. A butler service is available on request. If desired, the butler can take care of the shopping and the preparation of fine dining. Privacy is everything – those who spend their camping holidays on the Leading600 site have an “island of perfect happiness” for themselves. Leading 600 is also an economic success for the Caravan Park Sexten: it enjoys great demand, its exclusivity creates a high level of desirability. For guests who want to treat themselves to something special or show that they can afford something special, the Leading 600 has great appeal.

Another “LeadingPitch” can be found at LeadingCamping Barco Reale in Tuscany – this LeadingPitch has a size of 470 square metres and is located on the highest point of the steeply rising campsite – outstanding view included. The facilities are luxurious and range from private bathrooms with showers to large, covered kitchens with all the extras. In keeping with the philosophy of the campsite, the architecture and materials used are deliberately “wild and original”, the luxury is hidden in a kind of “Robinson Crusoe style”. This Leading Pitch addresses rather quiet people who appreciate distance to their neighbours and are willing to pay for it. The great demand for the Leading Pitch has in the meantime led to Barco Reale installing yet another new pitch category below the Leading Pitch and realising it in several copies: Only around 250 square metres each, not quite as privileged of a location in the grounds, but also equipped with a kitchen and bathroom. The demand meets all the expectations the owners had for occupancy.


Glamping trend to classic camping

The luxury pitches with special exclusivity and on-top services create desirability and generate a high demand. They also bring the glamping trend to classic camping, i.e. they serve the guests with their own equipment who could not benefit from glamping / luxury camping so far. 

At LeadingCampings, the Leading Pitches also create a visible corporate identity for a group of camping businesses in the five-star-plus category.


Exclusivity create attention

Whether in the basic or premium segment: exclusivity and limited availability create attention and desire. Without much extra effort, these individual offers can be integrated into the overall concept, sharpen the overall profile of the campsite and improve the image in the long term.