Organisations and stakeholders in european outdoor hospitality

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Organisations and stakeholders in european outdoor hospitality

Presentation of main European Stakeholders in Outdoor Hospitality like Camping Business Organisations, Camping Consumer Organisations/Clubs, Automobile clubs, Camping industry representatives,  Camping touroperators, Camping publishers and main Camping brands/chains in Europe

Organisations and stakeholders in european outdoor hospitality

Learning outcomes

  • Wide understanding of goals and activities of different organizations and stakeholders in Europe
  • Evaluation of different stakeholders groups and recognition of their interests
  • Acknowledgement of different stakeholders possibilities and use of it in the development of outdoor hospitality
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Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić

​​is Assistant Professor at University of Rijeka, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management where she is teaching Camping Management. At private University Vern in Zagreb she is teaching Camping Management and Camping Marketing. In Celje, Slovenia she is teaching Tourism Destination Management.

Her professional and scientific field is camping and outdoor hospitality and she is a well-known expert in this field not only in Croatia but in Europe. For her professional achievements, ADAC elected her in 2021 in a Hall of fame. She started her career as a camping manager and deepened this experience working for the biggest Croatian hospitality company in operations, marketing, development and quality of campsites.

She led numerous projects and wrote more scientific and professional papers in the field of camping management.

In Opatija, at FTHM she is leading for already 6 years a successful and unique lifelong learning program: “Management of camping resorts”. Her initiative in the improvement of higher education in the field of camping, brought to Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership funding of the project of “development of European Curriculum in the field of Sustainable camping resort Management” she is leading for two years with six international partners.

As a result of this project, in 2023, the first European “Master in Sustainable Outdoor Hospitality” will start and will be executed in three Universities: Breda, Girona and Rijeka – Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management

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